The payment methods that we accept are ARCA, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and MIR. We accept cash payments as well. The payments have to be made only in Armenian Drams (AMD) while the official rates are set by the Central Bank of Armenia. There is a deposit amount, which can be pre-authorized from your credit card and is automatically returned within 14-21 days after returning the vehicle.


Globe auto rental company offers 2 types of insurance packages: which are the followings:

Standard and Full. The Standard Insurance Package which is already set in the rental price mainly includes: Theft Protection (covers the loss of the car), Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), passenger insurance and a third party liability. A deposit amount is 150000 AMD for this type of insurance package.

For full insurance an additional fee of 7000 AMD per-day is included (The maximum amount of additional charge is 49000 AMD for 7 days if the rental agreement is more than 7 days). This payment is non-refundable. A deposit amount is 100000 AMD for this type of insurance.

The above mentioned insurance packages are valid when:

- The Renter informs the company about the accident just when the it happens in the area of Armenia, Karabakh or Georgia.

- During the accident the driver was not under the influence of alcohol, any drugs etc…

- If there are acts of security and police.


The Renter has all the responsibility for traffic and parking fines occurred during the period of car rental or any other violations of law and its consequences. After receiving the tickets from the Road Police of RA Globe auto rent company has the right to charge the full amount of the fees from the renter's pre authorized deposit amount if the renter doesn’t pay them during 10 days period starting the day when he/she received a notice about police tickets from Globe auto.

The parking fee in the area of Yerevan is already included in the rental price.


The Vehicle may not be used:

1. for driving in the areas where traffic is forbidden;

2. for carrying extra cargo than allowed in its registration certificate;

3. for carrying more people than allowed in its registration certificate;

4. for racing;

5. for using the car for driving lessons;

6. for transporting animals;

7. for re-renting.


Globe auto rent will provide the Vehicle to the Renter in a good and operating condition, clean and with a full tank, complete with all necessary documents. If the renter does not return it in the same way globe auto rent has the right to charge from the client 5000 AMD for cleaning and 600 AMD per-liter for the missing fuel. (Please note that this is not a sale of fuel).


One way rentals are only applicable in the areas of Armenia and Artsakh ( Nagorno-Karabakh).

Driving outside of Armenia (for example to Georgia) is only permissible upon the prior written acceptance letter by authorized Globe auto rent crew.

Driving to Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) is free of charge and there are not any special requirements. An authorization document to cross the Georgian border is provided for 15.000 AMD.

Pick up/Drop off services at Zvartnots International Airport is 10000 AMD.

Responsibility for the renter's property

Globe auto rent takes no responsibility for any property left in the vehicle after the use of the car. In order to avoid this situation, Renter should carefully check the Vehicle during drop-off.


Any conflict or controversy between Globe auto rent and the Renter will be achieved by mutual agreement. If a settlement cannot be settled, then the dispute will be solved in County Court of the Republic of Armenia according to the legislation of the RA.